SAFe DevOps Course – What To Expect

The SAFe DevOps course is still quite new, and I often get questions on the contents and what to expect from getting the training. I’m very happy to be able to give this course as one of our first in our new company We Are Movement.

The whole SAFe DevOps course is centered around mapping and trying to understand how value flows through your development process today and how it could improve with the help of DevOps. On a high level, the current state is often something like “idea – development – testing – deployment.” However, in reality these are often divided into more steps were different people and teams handover work. This video describes the process of value stream mapping:

After the initial exercise to find the current value stream, the rest of the training is based around how DevOps techniques can help to get shorter time to market with higher quality and maybe most importantly solutions that are measurably fit for market. The course covers all relevant topics from ranging from culture changes to Site Reliability Engineering. It also explains how DevOps is integrated with SAFe and how most of the SAFe constructs is DevOps practices and vice versa.

The course can both be held publicly and internally within an ART (SAFe’s team-of-teams construct). When held publicly people from different organisation can learn from each others experience and you get to see many different perspectives on how development work can be done. On the other hand when the course is held within an ART the learning will be direct, all exercises will apply to the everyday work of the ART and improvement suggestions can be added to the backlog as the course proceeds.

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